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Member Benefits

Membership Benefits

*ACA will advocate for all members to the Provincial levels of Government: OHS changes, WCB, Alberta
Infrastructure, etc. They are also taking on a bigger role with the Alberta Apprenticeship and making
sure the program is structured properly with input from the members.

*CCA will advocate for all members to the Federal levels of Government. They were one of the major
factors in keeping construction open throughout the pandemic and advocating to Government that
Construction Sites were essential.

The purpose of the Grande Prairie Construction Association (GPCA) is to provide members with a credible, common voice with access to all three (3) levels of government. Becoming a member of the GPCA also includes membership with the Alberta Construction Association (ACA) and the Canadian Construction Association (CCA). Through this partnership, the GPCA supports their initiatives and policies including, but not limited to:

  • Freedom of Enterprise
  • Environmental Protection
  • Free Trade and Labour Relations
  • Industry Practices
  • Tendering Procedures
  • Human Resources including
    • Education and Training
    • Safety
    • Equal Opportunity for Employment